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4th / Dec / 2023

Celebrating the Magic of Christmas in Ilford: A Spectacular Light Switch-On Event

The holiday spirit illuminated the heart of Ilford as over 12,000 people gathered for the much-anticipated Christmas light switch-on event. The High Road of Ilford transformed into a festive haven, offering a myriad of entertainment and delights for attendees of all ages.

Dazzling Performances

Local talent took centre stage, captivating the crowds with mesmerising vocal and instrumental performances. The talent show competition showcased Ilford's diverse artistic community, with Karan's Bollywood Master Class, Tinkus Puros Miskis, and Iexnus claiming the top three spots, leaving the audience in awe.

IBC2023 1343

Gastronomic Delights and Magical Rides

The atmosphere on the High Road was nothing short of magical, with tantalising food stalls lining the streets and fair rides adding a sense of wonder. From the classic Ferris wheel to the thrilling Miami ride, the event catered to thrill-seekers and families alike. The air was filled with laughter and joy as attendees explored the festive delights.

IBC2023 1134

Superhero Encounters and Interactive Experiences

The Batmobile's presence and appearances by Batman and Superman created excitement, offering attendees unique photo opportunities. The holiday magic continued with a free cave explorer experience and a giant interactive snow globe for picture-perfect moments.

IBC2023 1156

Enchanting Snowfall and Official Light Switch-On

As the day unfolded, attendees were treated to a magical snowfall experience, enchanting both children and adults.  

Inilford Xmas 2023 FINAL PF 121

Musical Extravaganza and Fiery Performances

The festivities continued with outdoor musical performances, featuring Rajin Storm's coordinated drum showcase and a soul-stirring steel pan band. Flame artists and breathers added a touch of spectacle, leading up to a breathtaking second fireworks display set to the tune of "Hallelujah," creating an unforgettable crescendo to the evening.

Inilford Xmas 2023 FINAL PF 1032

Santa's Wonderland Inside Exchange Ilford

Inside the Exchange Ilford shopping centres, the holiday magic unfolded on multiple levels. Attendees had the chance to meet Santa and his elves, brave a free gladiator slide and assault course, and enjoy free face painting. Level 3 offered a delightful 360 photo booth, a meet-and-greet with the beloved Bluey character, and even encounters with the Grinch and larger-than-life dinosaurs.

IBC2023 1145

The pinnacle of the event arrived at 5 pm with the official light switch-on ceremony. The Leader, Deputy Leader, Mayor, and Deputy Mayor of Redbridge graced the stage, accompanied by a dazzling fireworks display synchronised to Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas."

Inilford Xmas 2023 FINAL PF 724

Crafting Memories Until 7 pm

The event concluded at 7 pm, leaving behind a trail of cherished memories for all who attended. From the enchanting performances to the festive treats and interactive experiences, Ilford's Christmas light switch-on event truly marked the beginning of a joyous holiday season for the community.

IBC2023 1605

We invite you to relive the magic! Explore our event video below!

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Enjoy, best wishes for the festive period and see you soon inIlford!

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